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Processing gives the answers to organize things, classified into two possible groups: without action and with action. Noting the flowchart of processing, you can see some processes in black colour (see previous article: Processing with GTD. These processes form the organizational system.

GTD Organization


Processing with GTD

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In the moment in which the things are collected, they are imprecise and incomplete, mere sketches that caught our attention for consideration. Later, the things in the inbox are processed, recovering each thing, becoming aware of what really are, asking if they require of some action and deciding what to do accordingly.

The process involves making a filter in order to know what has been collected, if it is useful and decide when must be run. The ultimate goal is to be clear about what we have and what to do with it, besides empty the inbox for new collections.


Motivation diagram according to the context

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Motivation diagram according to the context

Author: Pedro Amador


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Tasks management with kanban2go



Tasks List

In any system of organizing tasks, the tasks list is the key tool to work everyday. This list is generated by the tasks review, which establishes which tasks will be added to the list, their priorities and their commitments (due date).

The tasks list is not only a work plan, but also the most alive factor of the organizational system, because it must reflect the current status work at every moment. The nature of this list is very dynamic, so it must be updated constantly, due to the completion of tasks, changes or unforeseen, such as the incorporation of urgent tasks, change of priorities, work stoppage by dependencies or by risks not covered, etc.


Collecting with GTD

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“The time that a person has something in his head and the amount of things that does about it are factors reversely proportional”.- David Allen


“The memory is the intelligence of the fools”.- Albert Einstein


“Never keep in your head something that fits in a pocket”.- Albert Einstein


The collection is the basis on which you settle the rest of the method. Basically, it consist on capture the things that arises (and they will need to be attended later), through notes or reminders, storing them in a common, accessible and reliable place, called Inbox.

The mind is a powerful tool, but it has limitations, being the main one the lack of true multitasking capability. For many simultaneous things that the mind attempts to process, the fatigue, the changes, the rhythm, the spontaneity, the uncertainty … all of them will seriously affect the concentration, the ability to remember, to think about the problems and the things that must be realized.