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Rafael Hernampérez en Muxía (Agosto de 2013)

Rafael Hernamperez at Muxía (August 2013)

  1. The smile is one of the most effective and innate means of communication in the world. Babies use it to connect to the world without words.
  2. The smile of a child can mitigate the hatred in the world. The smile of an adult can mitigate the evils of a child.
  3. The smile is the most expressive gesture of the human being. It conveys understanding, acceptance, reconciliation, friendship, peace, warmth, joy, positivism, motivation, willingness, desire, love, happiness…
  4. The smile is the balm of the spirit. It calms the resentment, the hatred, the envy, the frustration, the depression, the bad feelings, the anxiety, the sadness, the nostalgia, the melancholy…
  5. The smile is the honey of the life: with only a little of it can sweeten even the most bitter.
  6. The smile can turn a bad moment into a beautiful memory.
  7. The smile makes largest to smallest people and embellishes the ugliest.
  8. The smile gets more than force and its effect is more durable.
  9. The smile is the business card of the happy and intelligent people.
  10. The smile is inexhaustible spiritual wealth. If you share more smiles, more smiles you’ll get.

Have you started this day with a smile? 🙂