We live in an increasingly globalized and competitive world. To survive in this environment is not enough the talent and the professionalism. The reconciliation between the personal and professional is now more than ever a key and decisive factor to find the balance. Stress directly affects our decisions, our actions and our own being.

“P2C2-Personal & Professional Coaching & Consulting” is a place where we talk, analyze and propose improvements and solutions to issues of various kinds, oriented to personal and professional scopes. It also addresses disciplines and techniques that help the development and growth, as well as specific techniques and technologies to acquire certain professional skills.

  • Coaching: acquisition of the highest personal and professional potential
  • Consulting: specialist advice and implementation of techniques and skills for professional advancement in different areas.
    • Innovation
    • Creativity
    • Productivity
    • Leadership
    • Organization
    • Emprendimiento
    • Mind maps
    • Communication and Presentations
    • Etc.