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In any system of organizing tasks, the tasks list is the key tool to work everyday. This list is generated by the tasks review, which establishes which tasks will be added to the list, their priorities and their commitments (due date).

The tasks list is not only a work plan, but also the most alive factor of the organizational system, because it must reflect the current status work at every moment. The nature of this list is very dynamic, so it must be updated constantly, due to the completion of tasks, changes or unforeseen, such as the incorporation of urgent tasks, change of priorities, work stoppage by dependencies or by risks not covered, etc.

The simplest concept of a tasks list is a “To Do List”, in which the tasks are arranged one below the other, with a brief description and a small box at the left, in order to to mark whether the task is completed or not. This type of list is universally accepted and is efficient, but it don’t consider the status information for each task, limiting its scope only to the state of the box: completed or not completed. Moreover, this type of lists is more oriented to particular purposes. Its use for work teams is very difficult and unadvisable.

Kanban allows you to manage tasks in a more efficient and optimized way, because it is designed to use at particular or colaborative scopes. It is very visual and intuitive and allows you to know quickly the status of each task, giving you an immediate snapshot of the set of all tasks.

Kanban is widely used in agile implementations (such as SCRUM), and is very popular en the world of software development. This does not limit its use in other areas of work, because is a tool, and for this reason it can be used to achieve its main objective: the efficient management of tasks. Toyota, by example, uses Kanban since several decades in order to organize, prioritize and manage the work of their work teams in the automobile manufacturing.

Basically, Kanban provides a board, which is divided horizontally into three parts, each one corresponding to one status tasks: To Do, In Progress and Done. The tasks are written on a paper or on a post-it, and are placed in each of these parts, when its status is updated.




kanban2go is an application that allows you the management of tasks using Kanban boards. Its Web concept allows you to carry the boards to anywhere and work with them at any moment. You only need a Web browser to access to kanban2go, either using a computer or a tablet or a smartphone.



Boards management

kanban2go allows you to work with several boards, which can be used for contexts or projects. This possibility allow you to have a wide control over our tasks, if you work with several projects at the same time, or you manage the tasks using different contexts, such as the office, the home, the errands, phone calls…

kanban2go provides something more to the Kanban philosophy, adding interesting functionalities thanks to its technology. For example, you can make your boards public or private, share them via email or publish it with Twitter.


Tasks management

The cycle of a task begins with its creation, which will be placed on the “To Do” status. To update the task status, you must select this one and drag it to the corresponding status in the Kanban board: “In Progress” or “Done”. The task changes its color on each status:

  • Orange: To Do
  • Magenta: In Progress
  • Green: Done

The tasks are graphically displayed as a post-it, and they provides an edition mode, in which appear several options in the shape of icons.


You can access to mode edition clicking over the arrow icon, which appears at the left top of the task. The task will will be enlarged, displaying the complete information and the edition icons. The edition functionalities are the following:

  • Due Date: Set the estimated finish date and hour of the task, which is displayed at the top of this one.
  • Transfer: The task is moved to other board. Mark the option “Retain a copy in current board) to maintain a copy of the task.
  • Archive: Set the task to “Archived” status. The task disappears from the board. You can display the archived task using the Activity View, in which you can change its status again.
  • Delete: The task will be deleted definitely.
  • Labels: You can specify labels, separated by commas, at the bottom of the task. The labels allow you to classify the task by any concept, and they are helpful for filtering the tasks.

You can synchronize a task with Google, iCal, Microsoft Outlook, iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry calendars. Moreover, kanban2go also allows you to synchronize a task with Evernote. In this way, if a task is modified or deleted from kanban2go, it will be automatically synchronized in Evernote.



kanban2go have two views: Kanban View and Activity View

The Kanban View is the default view of kanban2go, in which the board and its corresponding tasks are displayed.

The Activity View displays the typical “To Do” list, including the archived tasks. This views is less eye-catching, but show more tasks. The small box for complete taks is replaced by the status of the task. Clicking repeatedly on the status you can change this one.

Clicking on the arrow icon displayed at the left, next to status, you access to the edition mode, displaying the complete information of the task and the edition icons.



In conclusion

kanban2go is a suitable tool for the task management at any level, in an agile, easy and efficient way, providing control and increasing the productivity. Its interface is very intuitive and easy. The exclusive English language is not a problem for other languages people, because the texts are few and easy, very natural, and the icons help to much. It is very well thought and designed, in order to waste the minimum time possible finding out any thing, and putting our focus directly on out work.

In conclusion: kanban2go is extremely helpful, because it allows you to organize efficiently and manage your tasks in a natural and practice way, without complicating your life. Its interface is a master piece of the usability and intuition, and it demonstrates that the productivity is also present in the tools and details. kanban2go is a superb complement for “Getting Things Done”.



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