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Tasks List

In any system of organizing tasks, the tasks list is the key tool to work everyday. This list is generated by the tasks review, which establishes which tasks will be added to the list, their priorities and their commitments (due date).

The tasks list is not only a work plan, but also the most alive factor of the organizational system, because it must reflect the current status work at every moment. The nature of this list is very dynamic, so it must be updated constantly, due to the completion of tasks, changes or unforeseen, such as the incorporation of urgent tasks, change of priorities, work stoppage by dependencies or by risks not covered, etc.



Personal organization using GTD and Workflowy


Workflowy is a very useful little wonder, that allows you to do many things with very few concepts, and, best of all, it is very easy. Its original concept is the organization of ideas, similar to a mental map, but instead of a graphical tool lines and balloons, use the system well-known hierarchy, organizing the notes by groups, levels or indentations, depending on the depth of each concept from the more generic (first level) to the most detailed (last level).


GTD Free: Open Source for your personal organization

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GTD (Getting Things Done) is an organization method that improves the personal organization and increases the productivity, thanks to an efficient tasks management system in which you put more focus in action, delegating all pending tasks in trusting places and eliminating them from your mind. This method was conceived by David Allen, and is used by million of people around the world, due to its efficiency and simplicity.