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Taking consciousness

Not all days are equals. Sometimes, our mood is more apathetic, more negative, more indifferent … These periods are part of our nature. It is inevitable.

A headache can defeat our positivism. Stress caused by an incompetent boss can alter our kindness. An urgent and unexpected task can change our mood.

Taking consciousness about it is the most important factor in order to pass this stage in the most sensible way. Taking consciousness about what is happening and how it affects us, allow us to take the control and prevents us to act in an irrational and harmful way. Taking consciousness makes us wiser, clever and prudent.

If today you think that everything goes against you, if you’re annoyed, if you think you’re about to explode, if you think it’s not worth it or if everything exceeds you …Come out! Take five or ten minutes to calm down and think practically, before doing anything you might regret. Take consciousness about the situation. Look it in a third person perspective. Be aseptic. Don’t think about guilty people, conspiracies, annoyances, turbulent facts nor apocalyptic finals. Imagine a goal or a desirable end. Assimilate it and turn it into a challenge. Now, think about the problems from a higher perspective, and seek the way to overcome them. Once you have it, you’re ready to work on it, considering and trying everything that altered you in a different way.


Do you have an interesting experience about the consciousness in a similar case? Do you want to share it?


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