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Imagine a drawer in which you are storing everything is arising everyday. You store today something that might come in handy one day. You store tomorrow something nice that you like or just for the pleasure of having it. But there comes a day when the drawer is too full. You want to continue storing things without get rid of what you have. You want to search for something but you can not find it. As much as you stir the contents of the drawer and change the things from a place to another place, you have no space. This chaotic drawer is your own life.

We fill our lives with engagements, whims, projects, memories… and finally they end disturbing and causing stress. There is no balance. There is no fluidity. We ended up being unhappy with what is left over and with the feeling that everything is lacking us.

Happiness is not in the abundance of things, but in the enjoyment of the few things we really need and love. Happiness is like the air: it requires space for flow and renew.

How many times have you used or have enjoyed that thing you kept in the drawer? How many times the sentimental value of something has hindered your present instead of provide you something? What good is having more and more if every time you are less happy?

Review constantly the drawer of your life. Make cleaning and get rid of those things you do not need. Removes all attachment unnecessary and toxic. Stay with what is useful to you right now, with what you enjoy and makes you happy. Save space for the new and exciting things that are coming.


How is the drawer of your life?

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