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All suffering is a painful experience from which can be drawn a beautiful story of overcoming.

Suffering is a state of sorrow, pain and misery that is part of our life. Sometimes we suffer more unnecessarily because of our reaction to the circumstances and to the excesive importance that we provide to insignificant things, creating a spiral fed back of negative feelings.

We all suffer for something: a failure, a breakup, a loss, an illness, a disappointment … But suffering has its positive side, because it allows us to know ourselves better. Suffering reminds you that you are limited. If you accept it, will helps you overcome prejudices limiters and prepares you to take paths that before you had not imagined to take.

I admire Beethoveen because he composed his best symphonies when he went deaf. I admire Mozart, because he composed his supreme opera on his deathbed. I admire the paralympics athletes, because they demonstrate that a disability is not a barrier that can stop you. I admire those affected by RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome), because they suffer a life doomed to no sleep, but they have the attitude to never stop dreaming.

Learn to suffer. Learn from the suffering. Get wisdom of your experience. Discover new skills. Find new destinations. Transform evil in a much greater good, because you will leave a path to nowhere and you will enter into an unlimited world.

When the ray amputates you a branch, you must spread out another branch towards the sun.

Do you think that suffering can be a reason to improve? Do you know any history of overcoming after the suffering?


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