Think about you and find your destiny

Think about you and find your destiny


Said the writer and philosopher Henry David Thoureau: “What a man thinks of himself, that is which determines, or rather indicates, his fate”. However, we tend to accept more the opinion that others have of us than our own opinion.

An opinion is a personal thought that decides something from some data, influenced by the prejudices and the values that ​​we have formed throughout our lives, through our training and our experience.

Nobody sees the same in the same way. Nobody lives the same in the same way. Nobody feels the same in the same way. Then, why do we accept the opinion that others have of us if they do not have the same perception that us, nor live nor feel like us?

Nobody knows our perceptions, our circumstances, our concerns, our expectations and our capabilities better than ourselves. No one has more or better information about us than ourselves.

If your actions are contingent on the opinions of others, you will suffer an abandoned destiny due to a ignored cause, but with an exclusive effect for you. What other people think of you is important, but what you think is determining.

When you go to take a journey, know the experience of those who have already walked before you. Give credence to those who have passed through there, not to those who opine about it. Make your decisions for you, not for others. Is better to err and learn from experience, because that’s what life is about. The stillness and passivity is the death of the spirit.



What do you think about it? Do you think it’s better to live according to the advice of others? How do you find your destiny?


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