If you don’t want fail, you have to control everything. So is instilled to us from infancy. So is demanded to us at work. So is posed to us in any discipline. But it’s a losing battle: absolute control is an illusion.

The nature of the world is unpredictable. The experience will endows you with certain intuition to anticipate the most common patterns. But, by much experience and knowledge you have, there will always be exceptions for which you will never be ready.

Control requires a lot of effort, a lot of perseverance and a great motivation. The control is the limited attempt from a limited mind in order to limit what is by nature unlimited. When an exception overcomes the weakness of these limitations, appear the frustrations and failure.

The control freak can take to accumulate things in prevision of if one day could happen something exceptional. The sensible thing would be to acquire these things and take such actions only when they occur and are necessary.

Accept that the world has unlimited possibilities. Simplifies and attempt to control only the most important patterns, what most affects you, what most impacts you, what is within your limited scope. Don’t complicate your life trying to control everything, because you can install a lot of cameras, but your eyes can only look at one thing at a time.

Live paying attention to what is most probable and be prepared to accept the improbable.


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