Dawn in Boadilla del Monte

Dawn in Boadilla del Monte

The time for reflection is an economy of time.- Publio Sirio

Each morning, before starting work at 6:30 am, I drink an aromatic coffee in a room with a large window. In these moments the sunrise begins. There is no one. There is no noises.

As the sun begins to caress the land, fills me with a sense of peace. As dawn breaks, I think about my pending things and about the things that I’d like to do today. I do not need my notebook nor my computer nor my smartphone. Mentally, I plan my day, without compromises, without stress or pressure. I reflect about myself, about my circumstances, about the people that give meaning to my life, about my coworkers and friends. I reflect on my life, on what I have experienced, about what I would experience, on what I can improve for myself and others.

Every dawn is a new beginning, the beginning of a new day full of new opportunities. It is the moment I find myself and where my creativity arises, my attitude, my true self. It is the time when I prepare to face this day, when my energy is full and my motivation begins to rise.

This is my time “with myself”: the moment in which I am really I, and I discover truly myself. It is the time in which I’m spiritually naked and I can analyze, critique, improve and guide my own life.

Have you got a time “with myself”? When do you do it? What is what it provides you? What do you feel?



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