The distractions deviate us from the productivity

The distractions deviate us from the productivity

The distractors are elements without importance, that keep us from the things that are really important. They seem innocents and fun. Nothing happens. We allow them enter into our lives. At the beginning, they break the routine, but end up taking up our time, ruining our productivity.

The distractions interrupt our concentration and our pace. They deviate us from the efficiency and end up becoming a critical problem, from which we are its sole responsible.

Distractions not make a dent in the soul of a person who has the determination to stay focused and busy. Put the focus on what is important and manage well the distractions. Here you are some tips to get it:



Disconnect everything not related to what you’re doing

In my time working I usually disconnect my personal mobile phone, my email, my social networking and my messaging services. Only at lunchtime or during some short break, I check if there is something important to attend to.



Leave for another time any thing that interrupt you

When someone interrupts you, also removes you the concentration, pace and time. You must ensure that interruptions are as short as possible, because the more you enlarge more impact will have on what you do. Remember this: “the most important task is the task you are running now”. Retrieve the concentration and the pace you had before is very difficult and expensive. When someone interrupts you, cut the interruption, saying: “Sorry, now I can not attend you. Can I call you in a half an hour?”, “Could you send me an email and I answer you later?”, “I will visit you at your site when I finish with my current tasks”. Everyone will understand and respect you, especially if you keep your promise later.



Delete email notifications and dedicate exclusive tasks to revise it

Do not answer every email as soon as arrive. Your mind has to be focused on your current task, or else your mind will disperse attending other less important tasks. The email is not going away because you do not answer it at the time. If you spend two or three time slots per day is sufficient.



If you’re watching the clock all the time, you will end up distorting the real time

The perception of time is different depending of how you live it. If you’re enjoying, time passes quickly. If you’re waiting or you’re bored, time passes very slowly. Focus on your work without worrying about the time, enjoying what you do. Real time is the time you are living now. Do waste it nor mess it up trying to measure it or restricting it.



Take advantage of the distractions, using them like safety valves

The work can be hard and stressful. Distractions, in these cases, can be useful as a safety valve, with a liberating effect. But, the valve has its function and usefulness when is needed. If a pot is not boiling, the valve is useless. Be distracted only when you’re overworked and you find a time slot. Outside this scenario, distractions are pernicious.



Do you want to share any tips for managing distractions? Do you know a trick or remedy in order to prevent the distractions?



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