Sar Pontepedrina river-Santiago_Galicia

Sar Pontepedrina river-Santiago (Galicia). Image from Wikipedia:

Life is like the course of a river: it is never the same. May be that a long time everything was quiet and peaceful. But, suddenly, the river runs through wildwater and waterfalls. Go upriver is useless and dangerous, because we get tired, we damaged and can lead to death.

Life offers us extreme situations when we least expect: a death, an illness, a layoff, a failure … It is an unexpected change for which we were unprepared.

The first reaction is denial, resistance to change, nostalgia and the struggle to return to the previous situation. We face a threat.

When we accept the change, we learn from the new situation and prepare to survive and dominate the new elements.

While we change and adapt, we discover that there is a new way of living, that our limits take on a new dimension, and that there are new opportunities that we did not see before.

If we look back, we remember a beautiful time that ended and get away. If we look ahead, we will discover new horizons and amazing possibilities.

Life is a constant change and adaptation. If the water of the river is stalled, the river would end up rotting and dying.



How did you overcome any major change in your life? Do you think that life is change and adapt?



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