Be happy, here and now

Be happy, here and now

Happiness or misery depend heavily on emotional suit that you wear every day.

Every morning, I have the opportunity to observe two co-workers who are emotionally different.

He hardly looks at us and salutes when he arrives. Sometimes, he do it by commitment when we salute him. We avoid have a coffee with him, because he always talks about his problems and how bad everything is. His behavior is very passive or very negative.

She comes with energy. She gives us a sweet smile. She effusively greets us. We want to always be with her. She talks about the good things that happens. She always has ideas, dreams and projects.

We react to the emotional suit of another person. And we project this reaction onto that person. It is a suit that influences and interacts.

Even if you’re not in the mood, try to dress up a positive emotional suit. Smile and salute with energy, even if you want to disappear from the planet. Observe the reactions of others. Observe how they catch the emotion and project it onto you. In the end, you’ll feel like the emotional suit you wear. And best of all: your circumstances are also influenced and react accordingly.



Have you tried to wear a positive emotional suit? What has been the reaction? What suit do you want to wear today?



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