Do it tomorrow

Do it tomorrow

Procrastination is the attitude that leads to delay assiduously the action to do something. If you are a procrastinator, you should not sin of breaking these commandments.

The Ten Commandments of the Procrastinator

  1. Your priority is avoid doing the task.
  2. If you can not avoid the task, you must delay it until the need becomes an urgent imperative.
  3. Tomorrow (always tomorrow) is the best day to do the task better.
  4. There are always more interesting things to do that this unpleasant task. If not, invent them.
  5. There are always a witty and exciting excuse to justify any delay.
  6. You can always blame someone or something about why the task is not finished.
  7. There are always tasks. No matter if you finish the tasks soon or you finish the task later.
  8. Distractions are a pleasant occupation, and often they serve as an excuse.
  9. The task is boring and you think you are too prepared. Like a time bomb, the challenge is to finish the task at the last second.
  10. You’ll never finish the task late… the others expected the task completed too soon.



Can you think of some new Commandment? Don’t think on it today. Do it tomorrow.



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