"Multitasking is a female burden" by purpleskyprincess

IMAGE: “Multitasking is a female burden” by purpleskyprincess: http://purpleskyprincess.deviantart.com/art/Multitasking-is-a-female-burden-336838240

The microtasks are small and simple tasks that consume very little effort and time (less than five minutes), but sometimes they can pose a burden and a greater stress than a large and complex task. What can we do with them?

Many people recommend the execution the microtasks at the very moment they arise. However, executing immediately a microtask supposes the interruption of the on going task, provoking not only the delay of this one, but also the loss of rhythm, concentration and motivation. And the plot thickens as more microtasks arise because increases the stress level.

My recommendation is collect immediately the microtask, labeling it as #microtask, and continue the current task, without being distracted and without wasting time. Always keep in mind that the most important task is the on going task.

Each time you finish a complex task or take a break, quickly check the microtasks in order to identify if there are any microtask that is really urgent and you should undertake it before continuing or starting the next important task. For example, you take a ten minutes break, check and identify one microtask urgent to resolve something before a certain time of the day. Running the microtask in that moment will allows you to eliminate stress and refresh your mind. You will stop worrying about it.

Reserve a lapse in your agenda everyday (for example, half an hour before lunch or at the end of the day), in order to review, process and execute all pending microtasks.



How do you manage the microtasks? Do you have some trick to deal with them?



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