The tasks status

The tasks status

Every day is an exciting journey through the world of the life. Each destination is a purpose, a goal, a point to be reached. Every morning, upon awakening, we plan previously our trip, identifying these points and the order in which we must achieve them, according to their importance and their urgence. After setting the route, we start the journey according to that plan. But we must never forget that, when you start a journey, you not only have to know where you’re going: it is also important you know where you are.

Taking the metaphor of the journey, the route is the schedule for the day, each point or destination is a task to be accomplished, and the journey toward that point is to work on the task until you have completed it. At any moment we have to know what is the route and where we are, not only for know what is our advance and how far is the goal to be achieved, but also to replan the route as it arises in the journey and not get lost.

The life goes, unfortunately, as this way: full of improvisations and constantly changing circumstances and purposes, which deviate us from our original destination. Therefore, it is vital to have updated our route, and know where we are now and what will be our next destination. This information is recorded through the tasks status through constant review of the plan.

To simplify the management task status, we will add, in the left side of the task, a small square or circle. Possible states are the following:

  • Not started: The square or circle is empty.
  • Next (task to execute): The square or circle contains a point inside.
  • Initiated (<5% completed): The square or circle is crossed by a diagonal line that divides it into two.
  • Canceled: The square or circle is crossed by two diagonal lines, in the form of X
  • With advance (>5% and <100% completed): The square or circle is half colored.
  • Finished (100% completed): The square or circle is fully colored.

Some tips and improvements:

  • To realize a more accurate progress, divide into four halves the square or circle, coloring each quarter according to its piecewise advance: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.
  • When a task is finished, cross (the name of) the task in order to highlight it and differentiate it from other tasks.
  • When a task is canceled, hightlight the task with a marker pen, in order to review, in the future, the reason for its cancellation and evaluate if it is interesting to address the task again.
  • Always work in one task at a time.
  • Optionally you can register up to two or three tasks as “Next”, in order to anticipate what will be the next task to execute, in the event of a change of importance or urgency.

How do you manage the status of your tasks? Do you know a simpler system and / or effective?



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