Excel "Optimized Tasks List"

Excel “Optimized Tasks List”

Now you can download for free the Excel “Optimized Tasks List”, which allows you to manage quickly, easily and efficiently your tasks lists.

To be effective you need a simple, agile, versatile and standard tool. You do not need a special tool, advanced knowledges, or waste time introducing unnecessary information. You need a tool as straightforward and simple as possible, that allows you to focus on the execution of your tasks.

Thanks to the “Optimized Tasks List” you will can:

  • Compile. Add your ideas directly to the column “Task”. Empty your mind quickly and resume again the task you were executing. This only takes a few seconds.
  • Review. Through the review, you can adjust the parameters for each task: status, importance, urgency, estimated due date, time, context, tags.
  • Prioritize. Thanks to a simple assessment of the importance and urgency of the task, we can know quickly which tasks to address before. Their bright colors warn us visually about their priority.
  • Filter. Select quickly the tasks you need, filtering by status, due date, importance, urgency, etc.. To this end, dropdown the listbox in the title of the headers (row 1) and select the appropriate value. The filter can be applied to multiple columns or fields, depending on the combination you want.
  • Know delays. If a task is delayed, it will warn you in the column “Delay”.
  • Classify. You can use up to three key tags to classify tasks at various levels.
  • Manage tasks. In a very quickly and easily way, at any time, we can update and know the status of tasks. You can choose with a simple drop-down list one of these six possible states: UNINITIATED, NEXT, INITIATED, ADVANCED, FINISHED or CANCELED. At the left appears an icon, which visually shows the current status.
  • Make notes. Make notes or comments for any purpose. For example: make notes about the things must be taken into account when addressing the task, or make notes in order to remind what relevant points have been happened..
  • Compare times. In the column “Real End”, introduce the real date in which the task finished, in order to compare it with the estimated due date, analyze deviations and get the feedback of the knowledge for future similar cases.
  • Use the same tasks list for anything. Thanks to the context you can specify if the job is about work (office), home or personal. Thanks to the tags you can classify the tasks according to the criteria you consider most appropriate. The ideas and tasks arise at any time and place. You don’t need different lists.
  • Configure contexts. By default, you have pre-defined the most common contexts. But you can configure these contexts, adapting them to your needs.
  • Use it at anytime, anywhere and any device. If you use a cloud service like DropBox, Drive or SkyDrive, you can access to the “Optimized Task List” using any device, at anytime and anywhere.

Download Excel “Optimized Tasks List” in English: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/605683/OTL/TasksList-v1.1.xlsx

Download Excel “Optimized Tasks List” in Spanish: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/605683/OTL/ListaDeTareas-v1.1.xlsx



Have you already used the Excel “Optimized Task List”? What do you think? Got any ideas to improve it without losing its simplicity?



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