Myths of time

Myths of Time

For generations have been passed popular phrases and principles about the time, based on the perceptions and experiences. Here are my own thoughts.

I have no time

Everybody have time, and besides, the same: 24 hours a day. Therefore, if not an excuse, the correct expression should be: “I have committed what I will do during this time”, “I have higher priorities already committed”, “that will have to wait for (tomorrow, next week …)”


Time flies

Time waits neither hastens for anyone. Time always passes for everyone in the same way. Our perception of time may be different, depending on our concentration and our abstraction. Sometimes we say that time flies when we look at the time and we realize that the progress of the tasks is lower than expected. Often, the time has come before our desires, and we blame it for this reason, when in fact our desires have been delayed because of the distractions, interruptions or a bad estimation.

Life is time

A stone exists during more time than us, but it has no life. Life is not time. Life is what you do while time passes inexorably.

Time management

The time has no owner and does not permit be handled or used. It was before us and will continue long after our end. We can only manage what we do, taking the time as a reference in order to do it.

Waste time

The time is never lost. The time passes freely like the course of a river. Doing nothing or doing unproductive things for a while is also a choice. The correct expression should be: “lose the opportunity, during this time, to do something important or profitable”.

Take advantage of the time

The time is independent of what we do while progresses. If you can do more things for a certain time, you are not taking advantage of the time: you’re being more productive.


Finally, a personal thought about the time: The time has no owner, can not be influenced or manipulated. The time is a friend who guides and accompanies us throughout life, marking an eternal compass, under which we generate our moments.



Have you got any other thought about these myths? Do you know any other myth or principle about time that deserves a reflection?



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