Scheduling tasks

Imagine your life unfolding in a drawer. If you introduce into the drawer all that arises and you do not organize it, you’ll soon have a drawer full, you’ll forget what things you really have and where they are, you won’t know if the things that you saved time ago are still useful or if the things you that want to introduce now will have a space into the drawer. The improvisation is not only inefficient, but also promotes chaos.

Every day is the most important project of your life. The most tangible and true in this world is that you only have the day of today as the sheet on which to write your life. Outside this day, things are losing your control. What happened yesterday, it is done. What will happen tomorrow, is to be done and the circumstances certainly will change.

Organizing your life is a daily challenge that can only be achieved with efficient habits.
Daily scheduling is one of the most profitable habits of your life, because it only requires a few minutes and the result is a real efficiency. Scheduling allows you to visualize in advance what you must and want to do today, minimizes the procrastination and improvisation, and provides greater organization and control.

In order to schedule your day:

  1. Think and write what are most important tasks to execute today. Don’t matter if the tasks are personal or professional.
  2. Don’t forget to write the tasks you did not finish yesterday.
  3. Reserve a space before the task, in order to write, if apply, its scheduled time. For example: “10:30 – Follow-up meeting”.
  4. Don’t write a long list. Put a limit manageable and realistic. Only the most important things.
  5. Distribute the remaining tasks in efficient schedules. Place the most complex tasks in hours in which you are more efficient.
  6. Prioritize tasks using an urgency and importance criteria: high, medium or low.

The best time to schedule your day is just before you start it. Waking up some minutes early is a small price in exchange for the benefit obtained, because it breaks with the habit of laziness and procrastination, helps you to have your mind prepared and concentrated, focused on the day that lies ahead.

Remember that the scheduling not only reduces the improvisation, but also prepares the scenario to improvise better. And you, how do you schedule your day?



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