Mist in Arroyomolinos

Fog in Arroyomolinos

The circumstances, such as weather, are changing and influencing our lives. Sometimes, the sun shines. Sometimes, it’s raining. Sometimes, strong storms are unleashing. And sometimes, the road is covered with a thick fog.

The fog is uncertainty about what we await ahead and what we leave behind. The fog creates doubt, confusion, insecurity, fear, low self-esteem, the sensation of being lost and lose the control of the situation. The fog poses a hardship that challenges us and tests us.

The fear transforms the fog into darkness. The fear paralyzes us and makes us imagine terrible dangers hidden behind the white veil and intriguing. But nothing supernatural occurs when our steps introduce us into its white steam. Gradually, we discover fragments of new and stimulating landscapes. We discover that the danger was only in our mind. We discover that the fog ends up dissipating. When that happens, those who ventured into the fog will always have an advantage over those who, out of fear or laziness, remained in their comfort zone.


The fog hides wonderful landscapes


Behind the fog appears the reality



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