Crisis? No, thanks

Crisis? No, thanks

A recent debate has inspired me, from my pragmatism, some reflections about the crisis, which may or may not align with the views and feelings of the readers.

  • The crises involving a shift from a social and economic model to other, affecting, especially, to those who is resisting to change.
  • Change, and the world will change with you. Remains, and the world will change without you. How long have you talking about the same? How has your situation changed?
  • The crisis is fed of fears, rumors and dire predictions more than of realistic factors. What is your source information? Read more specialized media and listen less gossip from your neighbor.
  • The only future that is predicted is the future that you build. Your thinking creates a vision of your future. Every day, when you talk about the crisis, when you feel it and you focus the most fateful, you are building this vision and you head towards that destiny.
  • Those who blame for everything to the crisis makes excuses to justify their passivity, their lack of attitude and their ineptitude.
  • You’re never prepared for anything, but if you are prepared on something you will have a very high probability of success.
  • An ounce of wit is more valuable than a ton of crisis. Analyzes data, not rumors. Identifies trends to better and worse. Get ready for it and … get on that wave.
  • Facing the crisis there are people are proactive, reactive and well-off. Who is going well?
  • Entrepreneurship and intra-entrepreneurship and are key to advance in the crisis, overcome it and come out of it strengthened.
  • In a job interview, any company prefers an enthusiastic fool before to a pessimistic genius.
  • No one is enthusiastic because things is going well for him. Things are going well for him because he is enthusiastic.
  • The attitude and enthusiasm are strong factors of influence, determining the results. If in your circles is prevailing pessimism and despair, change your environment.

What’s your opinion about the crisis? How can we overcome it?


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