ToDo MindMap

Here are 12 simple tips to create mind maps in a professional and efficient way.

  1. Begin in the center of the page (mejor en apaisado), drawing an image that represents the goal.
  2. Draw the first level branches, thick and using different colors.
  3. For the sublevels, the branches must be thinner.
  4. Each level represents the depth of the ideas, from the most generic to the greatest detail
  5. In order to capture the attention better, draw all branches using curves.
  6. The first level of branches represents the “Basic Ideas Organization” (BIO). Write the text big and capitalized to highlight.
  7. Using an image on a branch brings more information and meanings than words.
  8. Use one keyword per branch.
  9. If you have to write a group of words, draw a new sublevel for each word. Thus, the ideas are not closed and you may return later to a previous sublevel and expand new details or sublevels.
  10. To highlight a complete hierarchy of branches, surround this one forming a group (usually, drawing a cloud), writting a text big and capitalized on the outside.
  11. To reference a branch from another branch in the mind map, draw an arrow surrounding the map (never crossing the map) from a branch to the other branch.
  12. To gain clarity in the sublevels, draw a small circle at the end of each branch that will contain sublevels, as a knot of tree

Finally, one last optional and extra tip:

  • Be original and creative. Try new forms and draw. A different mind map, captures better attention, attracts, is better understood and is better remembered.


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