3D Mind Map

A mind map is a very powerful tool to represent our thoughts, organizing our ideas and structuring our knowledges. Its usefulness is immense and can be applied to any need imaginable, including the organization of tasks and projects.

Tony Buzan, the father of mind maps, in his book “Mind maps for the Business”, gives some ideas about how to harness the power of mind maps in order to organize our work and improve our productivity. Some of the maps presented here are inspired by these ideas, adding some own ideas. Mind maps have to be imbued with our personal thinking and our own way of organizing.

Using mind maps to organize our work has the advantage of simplicity, due to our brain interprets the information quickly, adapting it to the context and the dimension of space and time, rather than interpret complex tables and classifications that fragment all information. It’s more natural, intuitive and visual.

I recommend the use of symbols and images that help to enrich the task information, such as the progress of the tasks, priority, effort, done ​​/ canceled, etc.

I have exposed two daily mental maps, one weekly map, and one map applying GTD. Mind maps can be arranged for a month, a quarter, a semester, a year or even for an entire project. Click on each mind map in order to enlarge the image.

Spend the first 15 minutes of each day creating a mind map to organize your day, and you will see how you improve in efficiency and productivity.


Daily ToDo List

Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Evening



Functional Blocks

ToDo List - Functional Blocks


Weekly ToDo List

Weekly ToDo List





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