Whatever your method of organization, there is a tool to get the most out of your work and be more productive. The following are a collection of tools, with a personal and impartial assessment about the best I’ve found throughout my career, and based on my experience. My advice is to try them yourself in order to decide which one best suits your way of working, regardless of the score with which I described the tool.

Navaja Suiza

I rated the tools in different functional categories:

    • Notes: Notes management.
    • ToDo: To do list.
    • Advanced ToDo: Advanced to do list.
    • Kanban: Kanban dashboards, in which the tasks change their workflow or status.

comparative per platform

Type Web Windows Mac iOS Android Blackberry
hiTask ToDo Yes Yes
Toodle.do ToDo Yes Yes Yes Yes
CheckVist ToDo Yes
GQueues ToDo Yes Yes Yes
bTodo ToDo Yes
Evernote Notes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Catch Notes Notes Yes
SpringPad Notes Yes Yes Yes
Wunderlist Advanced ToDo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DoIt.im Advanced ToDo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Do.com Advanced ToDo Yes
Nirvana HQ Advanced ToDo Yes
Any.Do Advanced ToDo Yes Yes Yes
Gtdagenda Advanced ToDo Yes
FacileThings Advanced ToDo Yes Yes
Smthngs Advanced ToDo Yes
Teambox Advanced ToDo Yes Yes
Kanban2Go Kanban Yes
KanbanFlow Kanban Yes
Trello Kanban Yes Yes Yes

Use of GTD and Calendar

Type GTD Calendar Score
hiTask ToDo Yes 8,1
Toodle.do ToDo Yes 7,5
CheckVist ToDo Yes 6,5
GQueues ToDo Yes 7,5
bTodo ToDo Yes 7,0
Evernote Notes 8,5
Catch Notes Notes 7,8
SpringPad Notes 7,5
Wunderlist Advanced ToDo Yes 8,3
DoIt.im Advanced ToDo Yes Yes 9,0
Do.com Advanced ToDo Yes 8,0
Nirvana HQ Advanced ToDo Yes Yes 9,5
Any.Do Advanced ToDo Yes 7,8
Gtdagenda Advanced ToDo Yes Yes 7,5
FacileThings Advanced ToDo Yes Yes 8,8
Smthngs Advanced ToDo Yes Yes 8,5
Teambox Advanced ToDo Yes 8,5
Kanban2Go Kanban Yes 8,5
KanbanFlow Kanban Yes 8,5
Trello Kanban Yes 9,0

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses URL
hiTask Languages, collaborative, ToDo List very complet, visual, easy, projects, files Free version is somewhat limited http://hitask.com
Toodle.do ToDo List very complete Complexity https://www.toodledo.com
CheckVist Todo List very easy, lists management, functional Very basic, but functional. Only for Web https://checkvist.com
GQueues Todo List easy, integrated with Google, Lists management, Notes Basic functionalities, free version somewhat limited https://www.gqueues.com
bTodo Todo List easy, visual Languages, Basic functionalities, no contexts nor labels http://btodo.com
Evernote Specialized on catch notes, two levels passbooks No calendar https://evernote.com
Catch Notes Specialized on catch notes, easy, tasks list No calendar https://catch.com
SpringPad Specialized on catch notes, visual, intuitive, collaborative No calendar, very simple organization http://www.springpad.com
Wunderlist Usability, Languages, Configuration Single-level lists http://www.wunderlist.com
DoIt.im Automation lists with calendar, integrated GTD Languages http://www.doit.im
Do.com Collaborative, attached files, deals management, integrated with Google and Salesforce Languages, no context, only for web https://do.com
Nirvana HQ Collaborative, Area concept, integrated wit GTD Languages, only for Web https://www.nirvanahq.com
Any.Do Simple, ideal for mobile devices Basic functionalities http://www.any.do
Gtdagenda Languages, integrated with GTD, Checklist, many functionalities Unintuitive, only for Web https://www.gtdagenda.com
FacileThings Full configuration, GTD workflow, Intuitive, Goals, producivity scorecards Interface by steps: easy but litlle productive http://facilethings.com
Smthngs Very visual y easy Only for Web. You are missing some features, like contexts http://thn.gs
Teambox Orientated to organizations and teams. Intuitive y easy. Tasks templates. Organization and structure Languages. Only for Web and iOS https://teambox.com
Kanban2Go Collaborative, easy, visual Only for Web. Notes of tasks very big: ew tasks on the board. https://kanban2go.com
KanbanFlow Collaborative, easy, visual, Pomodoro chronometer Only for Web https://kanbanflow.com
Trello Collaborative, easy, visual, organization level, lists configuration, tasks checklist, images, files Languages https://trello.com


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