The tools are similar to our hands to work. The health of our tools is intimately linked to the health of our productivity and our work.

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Have you got the tools you really need?

Check the tools you have and make an accurate and objective evaluation. The tools you have, are they really necessary? Do you miss any tool?

It may be the right time to try new tools, discover their possibilities, see where can be useful and how they can help you to be more productive.


Are your tools in good condition?

With use, the tools are degrading its efficiency, become slower, favoring the production of errors and lowers your level of productivity.

Sharpen your axe to cut the trees better. Check the status of your tools, identify their notches, repair their defects, lubricate the machinery and pamper your tools for what they are: your best allies to do the job.


Do you take advantage well your tools?

It seems an obvious question, but, do you squeeze the 100% of your tools, or you are simply limited to use their most basic and frequent functions? It is worthwhile to know and understand their possibilities. Sometimes, you discover that you can dispense with other small tools for certain tasks. Other times, you can do things that you’d never raised. Sometimes, you can identify new opportunities that allow you to innovate.


Do you organize your tools?

A desk full of tools tends to clutter and create chaos. Organize your tools and dispose only of those tools that you need at every time. Of each tool you use, try to configure it specifically to the situation in which you will work with. For example, if you often use your web browser to search for information, only open the tabs that you will use.


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