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We live in a time of uncertainty and frantic and continuous changes, which break the rules of what we knew. The crisis has collapsed the pillars of stability and welfare of society and markets, but also generated new paradigms, new situations and new ways of approaching and doing things.

Given the current circumstances, it is necessary, more than ever, acquire a cold and open mind. We got carried away by ineffective feelings, such as “why is happening this to me?” “Blame it on the crisis, the goverment, the risk premium, international markets…”, “I try to overcome it, but I can’t”, or “why bother if I’m going to fail anyway?”. We must rise above all this and understand that it is a waste of time, even if you have every reason in the world. And speaking about the world… it is moving without waiting for anyone.


Attitude is the seed of our destiny, the root that determines our decisions

It’s time to look face to face circumstances, rather than talk about them. It’s time to understand why what happens happens, instead of blaming and excusing. It’s time to go ahead and predict where we want and we can get, instead of being carried away by the current of pessimism. It’s time to regenerate, to reinvent, to adapt to the situation, because that is the only way to forward. It’s time to be part of that change imposed, to discover the new possibilities it brings and sharpen your wits to get and offer the best of them. It’s time to lead a new era, more stronger and exciting than the one who is perishing, and for this, we must die and rise concepts and ideas. It’s time to decide to take over the rudder and steer our ship, skillfully dodging currents, winds and storms.

From your attitude will depend the decisions you make, and from your decisions will depend your future.


The knowledge draws the map of our destiny

Uncertainty is the lack of certainty, and this, according to the dictionary, is “safe and clear knowledge of something. Firm adherence of the mind to something knowable, without fear of error”.

The crisis has completely changed the scenario in which we acted. It has changed the script, the characters, the story … Now we do not know what to think, what to say or do. This feeling is shared by all, and it seems that we all expect for a special leader that lead us to a solution with a happy ending. But while we are waiting for that leader, everything is changing, the vestiges of our old work are crumbling and the uncertainty grows.

Don’t expect leaders to save us. Be the leader of the change. Pay attention to all the information that is emerging. Know well what is happening, why it is happening, what is the origin, what is the trend, how it affects us, what new possibilities there, what opportunities we can generate, what experiences have other entrepreneurs and how we can leverage all this to draw a new direction.

The world has changed and the old map is a memory of a different era. Now we have to discover a new world in which we are the protagonists, sail its waters, create paths, know new cultures, adquire new experiences…

As we gain more knowledge, we know and understand better that ocean of uncertainty. Each information reveals a cape, a gulf, an island, a road, a trail, a mountain, a river … Every discovery gives us more confidence, more certainty, more empowered of decision, more ability to draw strategies and routes for our trip, and more control over the situation. Gradually, the uncertainty is diluted in certainty, and the shadow of the crisis fades in the growing light of knowledge.


Have the courage to do what you fear and you will reach your destination

The old path is no longer safe, and the safe path is very short. Everything that worked no longer works. The crisis has raised new questions in order to give new answers. The new challenges require imagination to discover the solution to new and intriguing problems.

Knowledge draws the map, but the trip is not done on the paper. You have to travel treading new lands, you must delve into the unknown and take the risk of possible dangers. The perspective of taking the first step makes you dizzy. Fearing the unknown is the survival instinct.

Throughout our lives we have been faced with new situations, which they stopped us and instilled fear. Do you remember that change of class and the friends in the school? Do you remember that situation where you declared your love? Do you remember your first work interview? The survival instinct stopped progress in order to avoid the impact of a possible failure, but the force of desire to succeed overcomes the barrier of fear. And once this barrier is overcomed, self-esteem and self-confidence sprout like wings to make us fly.

We should not fear the journey. Nor should we fear that things do not go as well as we hope. What we have to fear is to anchor to ourselves in the same place unstable and condemned in which the crisis found us.


All we are part of the crisis and its solution

Crises affect millions of humans across the planet. No matter the country, culture, language, race, sex, status, philosophy, beliefs or intellectual level. We all hit alike.

The crises become strong due to human weakness. They feed on our fears, our low esteem and our lack of faith. It’s very easy, in these circumstances, to take advantage of the collective sensibility and throw negative messages. A rumor, albeit false, is devastating.

The crises are also opportunities that test our resilience, our capacity of overcoming adversity and activate our ingenuity to survive. The changes create uncertainty, filtering the mediocrity of the genius. Changes bring new possibilities and new opportunities hidden behind the mist of our fearful eyes. The experiences to adapt to these changes make us stronger and wiser than before.

We will have a difficulty time until we start to control the situation and overcome the crisis. Is the price of our learning. But the crises begin to succumb in the presence of a firm attitude that makes the decision and the determination of not to give up. The more you talk and is created in the crisis, there will be more crises. The more you talk about opportunity and prosperity, the closer we come to the happy ending of a tragic but necessary time that made ​​us better.

But, most important of all is that our attitude, our knowledge and our courage to overcome the crisis, have to be shared and should motivate and encourage the rest of people. Oneself can take a step to improve by oneself facing the crisis. But the crisis affects us all. All we are part of the crisis and its solution. We must to propose, share and promote ideas in a joint and participatory way. The collaborative spirit is the ultimate solution to any crisis.


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