You can improve your productivity easily following the following six tips:


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Review frequently

Having an up-to-date inventory of tasks is the key to success for an effective and efficient organization. The circumstances are dynamic and the tasks are subjugated to this nature, changing their urgency and importance, or even ceasing to be useful or necessary. Make a review daily, weekly and monthly.


Focus your tasks

Discern what tasks are really important and avoid trivial tasks that hinder your work. Deciding what you will do is the basis of your productivity.


Plan your tasks

Plan your task list with a daily, weekly and monthly frequency. Urgent tasks will be executed before due to its criticality, but not mean they are important. Therefore, calibrate and negotiate the impact of the urgent and the important, without losing focus. Prioritize your tasks in your calendar and reserve time slots to carry them out.


Do immediately any microtask

If a task arises and you can do it in less than five minutes, do it now!. Procrastinating the microtasks ends collapsing the inventory, interfering in the review and planning, becoming a funnel of problems. Executing the microtasks requires little energy, is easy and fast. Their resolution is also a small pill of motivation.


Do a thing at time

No one can do more than one thing at a time, but simultaneously. You can be a very good juggler, but when you focus on a single task, you will finish it sooner and better.


The difficulty requires a good time

When you broach complex tasks you will need to choose a good time. Avoid distractions and interruptions. Choose a time when your energy level is high and your concentration is at its best.



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