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GTD (Getting Things Done) is an organization method that improves the personal organization and increases the productivity, thanks to an efficient tasks management system in which you put more focus in action, delegating all pending tasks in trusting places and eliminating them from your mind. This method was conceived by David Allen, and is used by million of people around the world, due to its efficiency and simplicity.

GTD is not designed for a specific technological tool. In fact, you can use a simple notepad, a box or an archive. Although, is unquestionable that you can improve the use and the experience of GTD, in a more efficient and quick way, if you use an application software. There are some notepad tools, which can be adjusted to the GTD philosophy, such as Wunderlist or Evernote.

GTD Free is a good software, designed and conceived in order to extract the maximum benefits of GTD, implementing their principles, concepts and premises, without need of adaptations or adjustments. GTD Free is programmed in Java, as a result it can be launched in several platforms, such as Windows, Linux or Mac OS. The best of all: it is released as open source.


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